Get scam smart.

Every day regular people lose their hard-earned money to online phishing scams.

Don't fall for fake. Learn how to spot shady texts, emails, and phone calls by knowing the things your bank would never ask.

Stay safe from scams with these tips

Protect yourself from fraud with these tips. Remember. Banks Never Ask That!

Email Scams

  1. Avoid clicking suspicious links
  2. Raise the red flag on scare tactics
  3. Watch for attachments and typos
  4. Be skeptical of every email

Phone Call Scams

  1. Don't rely on caller ID
  2. Never give sensitive information
  3. Watch out for a false sense of urgency
  4. Hang up - even if it sounds legit

Text Message Scams

  1. Slow down - think before you act
  2. Don't click links
  3. Never send personal information
  4. Delete the message

Mobile Payment App Scams

  1. Be wary of texts or calls about payment apps
  2. Use payment apps to pay friends and family only
  3. Raise the alarm on urgent payment requests
  4. Avoid unusual payment methods

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