Business Specific Information

Please note: we are attempting to complete the upgrade over a weekend to avoid interruptions during typical business hours.

Actions to take on or after April 15th

  • Log in to Online banking on a browser to reset your password. 
  • Reschedule recurring electronic transfers between accounts or to pay other people.
  • You will need to re-establish your Bill Pay schedule, Quicken and QuickBooks connection, external transfers, and account alerts. You will also need to re-enroll in e-Statements.
  • You will need to download our mobile app.

Please call 855-720-6565 or contact your branch with any and all questions.  

Call Center Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 9am-5pm PST
Fri: 10am-5pm PST

Business Accounts  

What’s new with your accounts? 

  • Access to new and improved Online and Mobile banking. 
  • New look to paper and e-Statements. 

Business Cash Management

We understand that your business is very important to you. We will contact you again with detailed information. Changes to your business’s cash management account will be effective after Monday, April 15th and are meant to make your banking experience more efficient and protect your financial information.

** Cash management customers will be contacted directly by PCB Bankers with detailed information. Additional information will be sent in March 2024. **

What’s staying the same with your account? 

Rest assured, you will receive the same great services and capabilities you are used to as a PCB Business Account customer.

  • Business Deposit Accounts
  • Remote Deposit
  • ACH Origination 
  • Wire Origination
  • Positive Pay
  • Smart Safe
  • Lockbox

Please note:

  • ACH/Wire transfers will automatically convert.
  • ACH templates will automatically convert.

What’s changed with your account? 

  • New password at the first log-in
  • New app downloadable on App Store and Google Play 
  • New ACH, Wire template created after March 20th, 2024 will not convert. Last date to upload Positive Pay issue files is April 11th before 12pm (PST).

See this helpful Cash Management guide.

View our training video to learn all the details to use the newly upgraded system.

Cash Management Training - English Version

Cash Management Training - Korean Version

Bill Pay 

Changes to your Bill Pay account will be effective after April 15th and are meant to improve your banking experience and streamline your Bill Pay process.

External Accounts

External accounts will not be available during the upgrade after April 12th and will not automatically convert over to our upgraded system. Users will need to add external accounts manually after the upgrade is completed.

Quicken and QuickBooks

You will need to re-establish Quicken and QuickBooks connection.

Download this how-to instructions. 

Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking 

Changes to your Online, Mobile and Telephone banking will be effective on April 15th and are meant to improve your banking experience.

 What’s staying the same in Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking? 

  • Accounts already registered online 
  • Access to past e-Statements  
  • User ID  
  • PIN for Telephone Banking 

What’s NEW with Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking? 

  • New and enhanced Online and Mobile banking features 
  • Convenient e-Statement archive 
  • Streamlined experience 
  • Password 

Instructions for Online and Mobile Banking 

For the security of your information and money, our upgraded system will require users to change their passwords for Online and Mobile banking. Usernames will remain the same. You will be given a temporary password that will need to be changed at the first log-in. Specific instructions will be sent closer to the live date. You must change your password in a browser before using the mobile app. 


Alerts that are currently set up Online and Mobile banking will NOT convert automatically. If you wish to keep your current alerts, take note of which alerts you currently have enabled and log in to Online banking after the upgrade is complete to re-enable them.

Business Deposit Accounts

Statements will be cut off on April 12th and will feature a new appearance.

Money Management (MX)

Current data also will not automatically convert to our upgraded systems. You will need to re-register Money Management Accounts Interface connection for login authentication.