Our System Upgrade 2024. Read the important reminders.

Consumer Specific


Actions to take on or after April 15th

  • Log in to Online banking on a browser to reset your password. 
  • Reschedule recurring electronic transfers between accounts or to pay other people.
  • You will need to re-establish your Bill Pay schedule, Quicken and QuickBooks connection, external transfers, and account alerts. You will also need to re-enroll in e-Statements.
  • You will need to download our mobile app and re-establish Zelle® service.

Please follow below steps to reset your password for the first log in after April 15th to ensure seamless access to your accounts.

  1. You must log in first from www.mypcbbank.com to reset your password, then download the mobile banking app and log in.
  2. Your Username will remain the same.
  3. A one-time passcode (OTP) will be sent your phone number during the first login process. 
  4. Enter your temporary password: A combination of your five digit ZIP Code and the last four digits of your tax ID 

    For example, if your ZIP code is 02345 and the last four digits of your TAX ID are 1234, then your Default password is 023451234.  

  5. Create your new password.

Checking, Savings, and Money Market Accounts

All your account information and the functions and features that you love will remain exactly the same after the upgrade.  

What’s staying the same with your accounts?

  • Account types 
  • Account features 
  • Account numbers 
  • Checks 
  • Debit card and PIN (limits in place during upgrade) 
  • ScoreCard 
  • Direct deposit 
  • Automatic payments

What’s new with your accounts?

  • Access to new and improved Online and Mobile banking. 
  • New look to paper and e-Statements. 

Certificate of Deposit (CD) and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) 

We’re making this part easy! All features, functions, and information with your CDs and IRAs will remain the same. This means no change to account types, features, or numbers. 

Home Mortgages and Consumer Loans

There will be no changes that require action to any products or procedures in our lending department. Only your notice format will change slightly. 

Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking 

Changes to your Online, Mobile and Telephone banking will be effective on April 15th and are meant to improve your banking experience.  

 What’s staying the same in Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking? 

  • Accounts already registered online 
  • Access to past e-Statements  
  • User ID  
  • PIN for Telephone Banking 

What’s NEW with Online, Mobile, and Telephone Banking? 

  • New and enhanced Online and Mobile banking features 
  • Convenient e-Statement archive 
  • Streamlined experience 
  • Password 

Please note: Online banking new user registration will be disabled on March 28th at 7am and will be available again once the upgrade is completed.  

Instructions for Online and Mobile Banking 

For the security of your information and money, our upgraded system will require users to change their passwords for Online and Mobile banking. Usernames will remain the same. You will be given a temporary password that will need to be changed at the first log-in. Specific instructions will be sent closer to the live date. You must change your password in a browser before using the mobile app. 


Alerts that are currently set up Online and Mobile banking will not convert automatically. If you wish to keep your current alerts, take note of which alerts you currently have enabled and log in to Online banking after the upgrade is complete to re-enable them.

Bill Pay

Access to Bill Pay will be unavailable from April 5th to April 15th. Changes are meant to improve your banking experience and streamline your bill pay process.  

Our upgraded Bill Pay system will be a single sign-on system as a part of Online banking. Once your credentials are updated for Online and Mobile banking, you will have access to Bill Pay. Your account and your payees will migrate over to the new system automatically.  

Please note: Any e-Bills you have set up in our old system will not automatically carry over. You will need to manually input these again once your Online banking is set up. All bill payments will be processed through April 11th.

All of Bill Payment alerts will be unavailable from Monday, 4/8/2024 through Sunday, 4/14/2024.


Our Zelle® service feature will resume on the mobile app around April 18th. You must register or reregister for Zelle® if you would like to use Zelle® after the system upgrade. Our Zelle® service will not be available on the desktop Online banking service. 

External Transfer

External accounts will not automatically convert over to our upgraded system. You will need to re-add any external accounts manually after the upgrade is completed. 

Money Management Accounts 

Money Management (MX)-current data also will not automatically convert to our upgraded systems. You will need to re-register Money Management Accounts Interface connection for login authentication.