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Certificate of Deposit

Certificate of Deposit Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
Minimum Balance to Open $1000 $100
Terms 7 days to 3 years 365 Days
Interest Simple Interest1 Simple Interest1
Renewal Automatic renewal for the same period Automatic renewal for the same period
Grace Period Ten (10) days Ten (10) days
Internet Banking Yes Yes
Mobile Banking Yes Yes
Telephone Banking Yes Yes
Early Withdrawal Penalty Penalties may vary based on terms. One (1) month’s interest. Subject to additional penalties by the state and federal governments.
Transaction Restrictions Deposits and withdrawals are not allowed Contributions and distributions may have certain tax consequences under the Internal Revenue Code sections governing Individual Retirement Accounts and Qualified Retirement Plans. Withdrawal(s) may reduce principle or earnings.

1 Interest will be paid at maturity or annually, whichever occurs first.
Other restrictions may apply. For further account details, please contact or visit your nearest PCB Bank branch representative.