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Changes to your business’s cash management account will be effective after Monday, April 15th, 2024. View our training video to learn all the details.

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Remote Deposit 1

Scan checks directly to your account 24/7 2

Make deposits from the comfort of your business with this go-to service for qualified business customers.3

  • Deposit single or multiple checks 
  • Export transaction data and images
  • Save time and money over going to the bank

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ACH Origination

Eliminate paper checks and improve efficiency and cash flow

Batch payroll, tax payments and more with our safe, cost-effective ACH origination service.

  • Safe, secure electronic funds transfers
  • Highly reliable and more efficient than checks
  • Trusted source for disbursing funds

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Wire Origination

Initiate wires online from your offices

Streamline domestic or foreign wire transfers at substantial discounts.

  • Fast way to move money from one place to another
  • Domestic and international wire transfer services

We made s simple guideline for you. See how it works!

Positive Pay1

Safeguard your business from check fraud

Protect your business with this automated service that verifies checks to minimize your exposure to check fraud.

  • Upload your business issued check information to the Positive Pay secure website prior to payment.
  • Positive Pay system verifies all checks received for payment with the amount and check number that are uploaded.

Smart Safe

Handle cash in the smartest and safest way possible

Use advanced credit to safeguard deposits, order cash and save yourself a trip to the bank.

  • Extends provisional credit
  • Saves time and enhances safety
  • Puts a branch in your business


Speed up payment processing and cash flow

Streamline payment processing and improve cash flow with 24/7 business lockbox services.

  • Expedites collection of paper-based payments
  • Provides timely reporting with a variety of delivery options
  • Updates accounts receivable records seamlessly
  • Reduces mail float
  • Ask about Lockbox Receivables Online for same-day web-based images and image archive

A monthly service fee will apply. 

Remote deposit posting cutoff time is 5 PM PST. Generally, full funds will be available for withdrawal the next business day.

Transaction fees and other types of fees associated with your checking account still apply. Contract required. Requires internet access, and internet service fees may apply.

Bank online or on the go.

Check your balance, transfer funds, pay bills – whatever needs doing, you’ll have the online banking and mobile tools to get it done.