Mortgage Warehouse Lending

Access to flexible funding solutions with attractive pricing and excellent terms.

Get the expertise and funding mortgage companies need to grow.

Benefits of working with PCB Bank:

  • Experienced team of warehouse professionals who offer proactive, personalized and flexible service
  • Warehouse lending servicing all 50 states
  • Hands-on training for requesting funds, note shipment and settlements
  • 100% advance rate available
  • Extended funding cutoff times on same-day transactions
  • Wires sent within minutes of submission with minimal documents
  • No non-usage fee

We will work with you as your trusted partner and invest in your success.

Emerging Banker Checklist

Ready to make the move from mortgage broker to morgage banker? Let our warehouse experts to help navigate the move! 

Start with our checklist:

✔ Have you applied for and/or received your lender's license?

✔ Have you applied for your MERS number?1

✔ Do you have a QC policies and procedures plan? 

✔ Do you have a QC audit company?2

✔ Do you plan to use a fulfillment company?2

✔ Do you have audited financials?2

✔ Have you applied for correspondent approval with your investors? If so, who will your investors be? 

✔ Do you have your E&O (errors and omissions) insurance and a fidelity bond?

3-Step Approval Process

  1. Application. Complete and submit application, Personal Financial Statement, Business and Personal 4506-C, and W-9 to PCB Bank.
  2. Submission. PCB Bank will review your application for a quick and efficient decision while keeping you informed along the way.
  3. Approval. Once approved, you'll receive a step-by-step instructions on what is needed to begin funding as soon as possible.

1While PCB Bank requires only a "Lite" membership, we encourage you to check with your investors on their requirements.

2Not initially required. Please check with your investors on their requirements.

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