Business Banking Resources

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Fraud Prevention Software

Protect business bank transactions on all your PCB Bank mobile banking apps and devices with our fraud prevention software.

Checking & Saving Resources

Pick up tips for commercial real estate investments, cybersecurity best practices and more.

Wire Services

Send or receive funds across the country or the world.* To send funds, simply submit your completed Wire Form at your local PCB Bank branch. To receive funds, provide the following details to the issuing bank:
Bank Name: PCB Bank | Routing Number: 122043602 SWIFT BIC Code: PACBUS6L

Telephone Banking

Check your business bank account balance. View recent transactions. Transfer funds between accounts. Bank on the go via advanced voice recognition technology. How advanced? It speaks English and Korean. To sign up, call PCB Bank Customer Service at 800-720-0565.


How do I access my account?
How do I order checks?
Where can I learn about checking account fees?
What is PCB Bank’s routing number?
Where can I find my account number?
How can I lock/unlock my debit card if it's lost or misplaced?
How do I dispute an unauthorized charge on my debit card?
How do I enroll in online business banking?
Are deposits FDIC-insured?
How do I view statements or tax documents online?
Can I make a payment online?
Can I transfer funds online?
How do I activate a card?
How do I deposit checks to my account?
What’s the difference between a checking account and a money market account?
What’s the difference between a savings account and an installment savings account?
When will I receive my new debit card or checks?